General Information

                              You can still register for our current school yr                                                         Sept ’20-June ’21

                                      Morning & Afternoon Preschool 

                                CHILDCARE for children 3 to 5 years old  

                                 limited spaces available – please inquire

                                          * REGISTRATION ON-GOING *

  Update :  September 2021 programs! – we are planning for            September ’21 Preschool and Childcare programs and               registration will begin later in February.

                                                                 Office Hours 

                                             Monday – Thursday  9 am -12:30 pm

                                                            or by appointment



                                                          **OPEN HOUSES **   

                In order to keep everyone safe,  we will resume offering                              Open Houses at a later date.  In the meantime, please                            call to arrange an individual tour during office hrs or by                                           appointment at an alternate time.  


** Learning Experience offers a Preschool/Jr Kindergarten Family Tuition Discount – only one Registration fee per family and a monthly discount of $15 off the tuition for a second or third child in a family **

**ask us about the Family Discount for Childcare 

At time of Preschool registration:

  • A payment for the June tuition and a non refundable registration fee is due
  • Registration form must be fully completed in order for a spot to be guarantee
  • We accept cash, debit, E-transfers & cheques
  •  debit accepted for deposits and payment instalments
  • Monthly tuition Payment Options:
    • 1. post-dated cheques or E-transfer for Sept 1 – May 1
    • 2. pay in full in 1 or 2 instalments with cash, debit, E-transfers & cheques