Serving South Calgary for over 38 years!

About Us

A firmly established educational centre, Learning Experience commenced operations in 1977 with an enrollment of 17 students in a Preschool Program.  In 1985, parents requested that we open our first Kindergarten and then, in 1998, we introduced a Junior Kindergarten Program.

Learning Experience school is conveniently located just north of Spruce Meadows and is accessible to families in many of the new and growing neighborhoods in the SE and SW areas of Calgary as well as outlying communities such as De Winton and Priddis. Our enrollment has grown to approximately 300 students and this expansion has been attributable, almost exclusively, to recommendations from satisfied parents who have found that their children thoroughly enjoyed their time with us and did indeed have a head start when they continued their education at other schools. This leads us to believe that we are meeting a need in the Calgary Preschool and Kindergarten community.

Learning Experience Vision & Approach

Our program is developed to encompass the five aspects of learning in the SPICE lexicon – SOCIAL, PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, CREATIVE and EMOTIONAL development.

Learning Experience has created a well-equipped nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop, to their potential, the skill sets required for a successful educational career.  This includes:

  • Reading readiness skills
  • Pre-mathematics skills
  • A sense of self-discipline and social responsibility
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills including hand eye co-ordination, balance
  • Self directed work ethic inclusive of a desire to produce a quality end product

Important Questions to Ask When selecting a Calgary Preschool program for your child

  1. What is the school’s philosophy and approach?
  2. What does a typical day look like in the classroom?  Learning Experience programs provide a balance between play and structured activities thus nurturing a child’s full development and potential
  3. What are the staff’s qualifications and turnover rates?
  4. Ask what the classroom ratio is because for children 3 yrs and older the ratio is 1:12 as set out by the provincial government. At Learning Experience we maintain a 1:10 teacher/student ratio in all of our classes.
  5. Are parents required to volunteer regularly for Preschool?
  6. What is the school’s Discipline Policy?
  7. Always ask if policies are in place for children with serious food allergies.  Learning Experience encourages a peanut free environment.
  8. Do parents receive regular information regarding the activities and themes being presented to the children? At Learning Experience parents receive a specific classroom calendar of events at the beginning of every month as well as a school newsletter monthly
  9. Are parents required to supply snack and/or pay extra fees for supplies and activities?   At Learning Experience all daily snacks are provided and there are no additional school fees.
  10. Does the school provide classes during all regular weekdays with the exception of statutory holidays and Christmas and Spring Break?  Learning Experience students do not miss school days due to teacher meetings and Professional Development days.
  11. Are opportunities presented for parents to be involved in their child’s school program?  Learning Experience students participate in two annual concerts as well as Fathers’ Night and Mommy and Me Day which are important days at our school.