What Parents Say

We measure our success through our children’s success!

Here are a few things that our Preschool parents of Learning Experience are saying:


“Selecting a Kindergarten in Calgary was a difficult decision for us as a family living in the deep South and deciding what school to take our daughter. We initially thought as parents that it wouldn’t matter what Calgary school we send our daughter to kindergarten – public school or private school. We couldn’t be more wrong.

Now that our daughter is in Calgary public grade one, we have learned that the Kindergarten program offered at Learning Experience was the best decision we have ever made. Our daughter excels in everything and we believe that is a direct result of having her in the kindergarten class at Learning Experience.

Kindergarten class at Learning Experience is more than playing with blocks and colouring between the lines. Their program teaches the fundamentals that we use everyday and what some of us adults have forgotten, such as simply being polite, taking turns, paying attention, learning to listen, to have confidence and be considerate to others, just to name a few. Academics can be taught by any school, but Learning Experience teaches what a child will use everyday.

Mrs. Killips and her team are just that, a team. Everyone works together and it shows from administration to faculty. My child still remembers her teachers by name. All of the kids adore Mrs. Killips and the end of the year was the hardest when they had to say goodbye. My only problem with Learning Experience is that I wish there was program for grades 1 to 4. My daughter would be there now if they offered this.

I still from time to time visit the teachers and staff just to say hello, because they have made such a positive impact on my child. Every time we drive by this South East school with my child in the car, she says, “I want to go back to that school, I miss it.” I’d be lying if I didn’t have the same thoughts.”

Zee Z.

Learning Experience provides a safe, nurturing and well structured environment for the kids. The teachers have been extremely successful in encouraging my children’s love of school and learning. The school attracts a fabulous group of parents that are all devoted to their kids and the school.

The teachers at Learning Experience really understand what it takes to turn toddlers into bright, curious, caring young children ready to face the challenges of elementary school.
I feel blessed to be part of the Learning Experience Family!! A big thank you to all the staff for being an important part of these early steps. I have three little ones that have been through a number of your programs and look forward to registering two more in a couple of years.


Elanie K.

Our family has been coming to Learning Experience for 9 years! All three kids have benefitted from learning and growing and feeling special and important through the preschool, junior kindergarten and kindergarten programs. My main goal for my kids is for them to be happy. They have been happy every day at this school. It has been a great start for them from self-esteem to being prepared academically in grade school.

Erin S.

My son is in Learning Experience and my experience with this preschool has been nothing but fantastic. My son is extremely shy and when he started school he had a lot of separation anxiety. However his teachers Mrs B. and Mrs C. have done an incredible job with him. They have been patient, encouraging and very friendly and thanks to them my son happily goes to school and thoroughly enjoys it too. Every time I look at him and see the progress he has made I feel indebted to his teachers.

Not only these teachers but the entire staff of Learning Experience is warm and accommodating.

I am currently expecting my third child and will be looking forward to sending him to Learning Experience too.

Sharmeen K.

I’m so grateful that I took that leap of faith as a nervous first time mom “way back when” and entrusted my first son to the wonderful teachers and staff of Learning Experience. Since then all four of my children have had the opportunity to attend (or will attend) both the 3 and 4 year old programs.

When I took my youngest son for his kindergarten assessment this past spring, the teacher said to me “Wow, you’ve done so much work with him!”. Of course I could not take all the credit and happily told her that he had attended Learning Experience Preschool for the past two years. This is only one of the many reasons Learning Experience is such and amazing preschool.

The teachers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they start teaching the children their letters and to print their names at 3 years. My daughter can print her name almost as well as my son in kindergarten. The teachers and staff are all kind, understanding and compassionate. They can handle anything! Not only do they focus on the education, the staff also incorporates lots of fun crafts, music and social skill activities. My daughter comes home singing songs she has learned and loves to show off her artwork.

I truly believe Learning Experience has helped give my children the confidence and skills they needed to begin their regular education.

Thank you Learning Experience for giving all four of my children so many wonderful learning experiences that will serve them well as they move on in their journey of lifetime education.

Michelle O.

The “learning environment” fostered by the staff at Learning Experience is one that kept our son engaged and excited about going to preschool. Their teaching method is welcoming and plays on creativity whereby the student learns and grows in leaps and bounds.

Jessie A.